16 August 2014


Hola Readers!

As you may have guessed by the lack of new articles, Antillando has been put to rest.

No catastrophe, nor any type of boredom - ¡nada del estilo! I have some exciting new projects to develop and these will of course continue my exploration of Puerto Rican cultural production, both high and "low." And there is the small detail of my final year of MA studies at the University of Puerto Rico, already demanding quite a bit of my time (when I'm not trawling art collections and folding t-shirts, that is).
No se desesperen, however, as Antillando will live on in some form through my Tumblr blog, SubTropicalia, where I'll be covering some of the more interesting works, places, music, and vistas that this self-designated island of enchantment has to offer.

At any rate, it has been fun "antillando" with you and hopefully you will have been marvelled, impressed, piqued and, well, enchanted by the content of this collection of articles.

Gracias mil.