10 March 2013

The enemy of my enemy is my friend...or at least a good artist.

© Brandon Queen, 2013

Google "La Comay" and you should find at least a few English references to who and what this scourge was (disclaimer: I was not a fan). To sum up: a puppet whose puppeteer was of the most reactionary ilk of humanity and had no real concept of decency. There is no bias in this, as I don't think anyone could support the ratings of a show on which murder victims are ridiculed and blamed for their own fate.

So, soapbox vacated, let me introduce you to this week's entry.

I recently found this addition to the collection of interesting graffiti on the little street that leads to my local metro station. Curious about who this performera is, I took the bait and went to the website. This is what I discovered:

I have to admit that I am not generally a fan of performance art (this stems from some terrible experiences in art school), but anyone who uses guerrilla marketing and a machete to promote their work while making my neighbourhood walk more interesting deserves some applause.

I have to also admit that because of a very urgent need to finish my analysis of Cervantes' Novelas ejemplares and get some translating done, I was not able to give Lora's work the time it undoubtedly deserves.

Hopefully you will be able to catch a performance in a hip city near you. Just PLEASE send me a t-shirt if she sells any with that machete print!

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